The Value of Propositional over Categorical Logic

The Value of Learning Propositional Logic

All Christian parents want their children to know how to learn something new, to understand the world around them, and to have insight into the character of its Creator. One way they can help their sons and daughters along this educational path is to teach them propositional logic.

Propositional (or symbolic) logic provides powerful methods by which students can learn how to learn, beyond the methods of categorical logic. Tools such as formal proofs of validity teach students how to reason in a straight line, while providing them with standards and methods by which they can judge and correct their own arguments, and analyze the arguments of others. The study of propositional logic can help them understand the history of thought, while giving them insight into the modern digital age. Many Christian thinkers have found propositional logic to be interesting and valuable, and have contended that an inquiry into modern logic can aid us in understanding the nature and character of the God of the Bible.

To see a good example, watch this excerpt from my video lessons on truth tables:

Propositional Logic

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