Daily Archives: January 28, 2016

10 Ways to Thwart Copiousness

  1.  Be too cool to ask questions or learn anything new.
  2.  Try not to think hard, but if you must think, compartmentalize your thoughts.
  3.  Spend your free time indoors staring at a screen.
  4.  Fear ideas that differ from your own, and never read anything you disagree with.
  5.  Only be friends with people your own age who think like you.
  6.  Avoid people who know more than you.
  7.  Have no heroes.
  8.  Never travel far from home, but if you must, stay only in comfortable places.
  9.  Never think through what the Bible says about anything.
  10.  Never pray.

HT: Brian Daigle.

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