Hands-on Digital Logic

Mr. Nance,

I am contemplating conducting a summer camp on digital logic using unit 5 of the Intermediate Logic text. Any suggestions for making this fun, interactive and hands-on?

If you can get your hands on an electronics kit, you can construct some digital circuits that demonstrate many of the concepts. The kits from Radio Shack have step-by-step instructions for building many digital logic circuits. 

You can build simple circuits to display conjunction, disjunction, and negation with a battery, a light bulb, and a few switches. Two switches in series display conjunction (both must be closed for the light to be on), two switches in parallel display disjunction (one or the other or both must be closed for the light to be on), a “normally closed” switch sort of acts like negation (when it is pushed, the circuit is open, when not pushed, the circuit is closed), but only in the simplest circuit. To correctly mimic the negation, you would need a more complex circuit.

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