Why Logic Test A and B?

Hello, Mr Nance!

Could you please explain to me why the tests and quizzes pack for the Introductory Logic has a test form A and a test form B for the same chapters? I am sure it is logical (pun intended) but I am not getting it and just want to be sure I am administering them correctly.

Thanks in advance!

I included two tests per section to give the instructor some options:

1) The instructor may use one test as a practice test, the other as the graded test. (This is how I use them: my online students take the B version of each test for practice, then watch me work through the B version to correct any errors or misunderstandings before they take the A version).

2) If a student or a class does poorly on a test the first time through, the second test allows them to take it again after further review.

3) The instructor may like the format or the questions of one test over the other, and thus they have a choice which one they wish to administer.


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